• any hail anyway, anyhow
  • hardjaws barflies
  • tavernmaster barkeep
  • glim/glimmer beauty/beautiful
  • mornfeast breakfast
  • evenfeast dinner
  • naeth dung
  • nightfall dusk
  • thulsun early afternoon
  • outlander foreigner
  • outland goods foreign goods
  • harbright full morning
  • eventide gloaming
  • hay-nose hick
  • clevershanks or clevertongue know-it-all
  • tharsun late afternoon
  • elsun late morning
  • highsunfeast lunch
  • deepnight midnight
  • highborn or highnose noble
  • high sun noon
  • mayhap perhaps
  • godswake predawn
  • holy-nose priest
  • on the morrow tomorrow
  • this night tonight

The Sword Coast is inhabited by a wide variety of peoples, and communication is always a concern. Most are at least conversant in Common, although some who rarely venture among other peoples know only their own tongues.


These languages are the most frequently-used in the area of the Sword Coast, and thus the most easily learned.1

  • Common, trade language
  • Chondathan, common human language
  • Daraktan, orc language
  • Dwarvish
  • Elvish
  • Gnomish
  • Illuskan, northern human language
  • Shantan, northern dwarvish dialect


These languages are less widespread in their use around the Sword Coast, and generally only found among native speakers or very well-educated students.2

  • Abyssal, language of demons
  • Bothii, Uthgardt language
  • Celestial, language of celestials
  • Ghukliak goblin language
  • Gnim, gnomish language of research and academia
  • Hin, halfling language
  • Infernal, language of devils
  • Jotunhaug, hill and mountain giant dialect
  • Primordia, ancient language of Abeir and primordials
  • Ruathlek, a secret illusionist script
  • Sylvan, language of the fey
  • Undercommon, language of Underdark traders
  • Yipyak, language of dragonborn, kobolds, and dragon servitors


These languages are extremely rare, and difficult to find in either spoken or written forms around the Sword Coast.3

  • Aragrakh, ancient forgotten language of dragons
  • Deep Speech, language of aberrations
  • Imaskari, long dead human script
  • Hamarfae, long dead elven script

1 Characters may readily begin the campaign with one of these languages. They may easily be learned by any who have an instructor and downtime available.

2 Characters may begin with one of these languages only if they are of the racial type that knows them or a profession that might be privy to such knowledge. Please consult with the DM before taking one of these languages at character creation. They might later be learned by any who can find an instructor and has downtime available.

3 Characters may not begin with knowledge of one of these languages. They might later be learned by any who can find an instructor and has downtime available.


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